An original American ogee wall clock by the Ansonia Brass and Clock Company

This is an original American ogee wall, shelf or mantle clock probably dating to the 1870s.

The brass clock mechanism has a date on it which is October 10 th 1876.

It has an original paper label, much perished towards the bottom, which is attached to the lower back of the inside of the clock (behind the decorated door panel). The label gives details of setting the clock running and keeping it in order.

This paper label states that this PATENT BRASS CLOCK is manufactured by the Ansonia Brass and Copper Company, Ansonia, Conn. WARRANTED GOOD.

I understand the Ansonia Clock Company was founded in 1850. The original building was burned down in 1854 and fewer clocks were produced until 1869 when full scale production resumed under the name of the newly incorporated Ansonia Brass and Copper Company.

Internet research suggests that any clock with a label such as this one dates to between 1869 and 1877.

This example is very attractive with veneered wood surrounding the dial and decorative picture on the glass door.

The scene on the door is of three people thatching or repairing the roof of a rustic building. There is a grand building on the hillside and this is all set in a mountainous landscape framed by trees.

The hinged door opens to reveal the white face with Roman
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