Original Anarchist Spanish Revolution Civil War Poster

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"Enlist in the 3rd (Azana) Battalion!"

Original militia propaganda poster art from the Spanish Revolution and Civil War (1936-39). These came in many forms, and weren't generally produced for flyposting, but for distribution to the communes and collectives of the period (nearly 3 million people were involved in collective enterprises of one sort or another through the auspices of their unions)

Often they came printed with tokens on the back, redeemable for goods and services, local collective stores, equipment supplies, or as war bonds to fund the local militias. This one produced in 1937 has coupons for the local communal stores in Terrassa. It is in great shape for its age, though the old paper has coloured and it shows its age. it measures 21cms by 29cms (8"x11.5")

Payment by Paypal or cash on collection within 3 days of auction closure to avoid relisting. Will ship in ternationally to Europe for twice the quoted UK p&p rate and treble worldwide. Postage combined for multiple purchases.


My understanding is that these posters were produced by a printing press in Alcala de Henares near Madrid, which appears to have closed in the mid to late '40's. They come from my dealers in Madrid. They were originally bought from a 'chatelaria',
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