Original Apollo Soyuz NASA Documents & Photos 1970's

This is a collection of hard to find original NASA information that was released before and after the July 15th 1975 launch. This was the personal collection of the head of the Aero Space writers Association. Apollo Crew: Thomas P. Stafford, Vance D. Brand, Donald K. Slayton. Soyuz Crew: Valeriy Nikolayevich Kubasov, Alexei Arhipovich Leonov. This pile weighs about 40 lbs.The paper work starts with a NASA release from Oct 1971 on a US Soviet Meeting. It includes a complete Joint Crew Activities Plan book plus the Flight Data, Mission time line, Mission schedule, Press kit, A Russian Flight Plan in Russian, ASTP Mission Chart in color, Northrop folder with t press releases, Apollo Soyuz Test Project Press Kit, ASTP for the press on the recovery, Rockwell International Space Division Fact Sheet book, 2 other fact sheet booklets from 1974 & 1975, A print out of the 4- 11-1975 USA USSR Press Conference, 1000's of pages of the communication transmissions between the space craft and the control center. Also includes joint docking space systems discussions from 1971, 12 Change-of-shift debriefings, a stack of NASA News, paperwork on the experiments, Docking mission design, US-USSR Agreement and so much more. It has 24 official photos. 20 are in color from NASA and include the Soviet ship the astronauts and cosmonauts in taken in space. ... read more