Original Art Nouveau Sezessionsstil Majolica tile geometric abstraction C1900

Original early century tiles


Attention the items you are bidding are ORIGINAL ca 1900 tiles that belongs to the Art Nouveau Period. Art Nouveau was one first attempts to join art and industry, simplified naturalistic motifs, geometrical concave convex abstractions and elegant movement were some of its regular characteristics, and although applied distinctly in different areas of Europe it formed a single style. Apart from its beauty, is for this reason these tiles are so attractive. They are part of applied arts history of the early 20th century.

These architectural antique pieces can be reinstalled, basically as accents in your home, kitchen, bathroom or garden. Or collected, and you can discover an exiting new world !.
These are excellent quality items. Colors are firm, and intense, but not plain, because if tile has a low relief or high relief enamel will deposit there in different way so an elegant color on color variety is achieved. As was a handcraft, varieties from one tile to other is expected. Besides its unique looking caused by a gentle natural crazing conferees these pieces a sophisticated looking, that will dress your space. The materials used those years were by far much better than modern, you will not find a single modern tile that can have those exact rare color shades
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