Original Art Steampunk Box/Purse"Sheet Metal" Cosplay/Costume Hand Painted OOAK

Steampunk Box/Purse"Sheet Metal Screws" Cosplay/Costume Hand Painted Crafted OOAK
This was purchased at a second hand store ( item has great bones) I'vecompletelyre- worked it into something very creative- ...vintage purse....old world piece.....steampunk accessory...cosplay...costumepiece... let your imaginationgo wild..( I know I did creating this piece)
Completely* handcrafted (craft paper "sheet metal screws" glued and repainted-altered) hand painted cogs/screws/wheels...(only about 10 actual glued on cogs/wooden wheels/small flat metal faux clock )
Majority of all cogs & wheels/ screws are acrylichand painted and semi gloss sealed.
The base has 8* wooden spools for legs- these are industrial glued on- front wooden spools have gold threads- glued & hardened with metal cogs glued onto front, back do not.
All 8 wooden spools have a glued plastic little rubber bottom. ( so this wont scratch a surface and perseverethe wooden spools : )
Front to back wood stripe has been painted brown & rim is gold - then sanded down. All glue sealed. (item is not* waterproof)Added the 3 image picture of this in the making, which is also on Instagram& pinterest.
Handle is old worldFront of box has an easy curved open & close latch.All work fine.Inside is a thin brown velvet
Each right & left
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