Original Arts and Crafts Victorian era pendant light NR

This is an original antique Arts and Crafts slag glass lamp that dates from the late 1890's to early 1900's. It is in very good to excellent condition. This light has real presence, and would be a perfect addition to a Victorian house (which is w it originated). It was rewired about 7 years ago.

The slag glass is a beautiful pattern, with greens, ambers and whites mixed, which glows wonderfully when the light is on. In the pictures I've tried to show this, and also show how the colors change depending on the light. The glass is textured, and is about 1/8" thick, fairly heavy by today's standards. Each of the six sides is different. T are no chips, cracks, or other defects in any of the six panels.

The metal is solid, with a slightly hammered look (i.e., t are slight irregular indentations). It has a greenish laquer which is in very good condition -- it is still shiny. T are two small chips (3/8" x 1/4"), which are not noticeable because the underlying color (copper) blends with the amber of the glass -- see pics.

The lamp hangs on a chain which is topped by a conical piece with fluted edges. This piece, and the chain, is made of the same material and has the same color as the lamp.

Measurements: The overall length when hanging, from the bottom of the lamp to the top piece, is 28.5" (i.e., this is how
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