ORIGINAL AVIATION ART Boeing B 29 "Bockscar" signed by Charles Sweeney. Framed

This listing is for an ORIGINAL commission painting on canvas art board created by an artist of my acquaintance, Dan Wrightington. This particular original framed painting is signed and dated by the artist AND signed by Major General Charles Sweeney, pilot of the famous B 29 "Bockscar" of the 509th Composite Group of the Twentieth Air Force. The piece was professionally framed in an attractive black metal frame and measures approximately 20" by 8", and is equipped with a wire for easy display.

Command Pilot Charles Sweeney piloted the famous B 29 Superfortress named "Bockscar" on the second atomic bomb mission on 9 August, 1945 which partially destroyed the Japanese city of Nagasaki and precipitated the surrender of Japan to end WWII. Colonel Sweeney was the only pilot who participated in both atomic missions as he accompanied the "Enola Gay" on its mission to bomb Hiroshima on August 4, 1945. This artwork was signed by Major General (Ret.) Sweeney in Keene NH. in August 1997.

This painting is one in my collection of 13 original aircraft profile paintings signed by some of the most famous WWII aviators from the USA and Germany. These are not prints or reproductions, but are the original artwork with authentic signatures which I collected primarily at aviation art shows during the 1990's, while the pilots were still alive.
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