Original BASHA x Vegas Poker Graffiti Art Sketch Drawing kaws mcgee obey banksy

"Stay Flush"
Original, hand drawn with Ink pen and marker on heavy weight paper
8.5x11 inches2014
signed, dated on front
BASHA is an artist who creates original graffiti and abstract art. Born in Lahore, Pakistan he is fluent in English, Punjabi & Urdu. He prefers Punjabi. Urdu’s too polite; plus the curse words in Punjabi roll off the tongue much better. Hot tempers run in the family.
BASHA first discovered graffiti from his high school friend Jeff (Eager, RIP) who showed him the bible of modern graffiti in the book ‘Subway Art’. After that, nothing was the same. Graffiti became his world. It was eat, sleep, graffiti. He chose the name BASHA as it means ‘king’. Graffiti came naturally to BASHA, creating big bold letters with intricate fill in designs. The design work is inspired by his father, who is a goldsmith specializing in hand engraving 22K gold. BASHA: The goldsmith’s son.
After winning several art shows, BASHA created a clothing line called BKW (BASHA Knapps Where?) It consisted of graffiti art with clever reworked pop culture logo’s into gang designs. This was in the mid-nineties and BASHA was submerged in the golden era of hip-hop. Unfortunately, gangs and violence were a huge problem in his life then. Graffiti literally saved his life, keeping him away
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