Original Born In The USA LIGHT OF DAY Bruce Springsteen Movie Script

Born in the USA
Bruce Springsteen Movie Script
From the estate of Obie Dziedzic, long time friend, confidant and personal assistant to Bruce.
Though we cannot substantiate for certainty what we think the provenance is for this script, we feel it is the one screenwriter Paul Schrader sent to Bruce Springsteen in 1981 to contemplate starring in and writing music for his movie Born in the USA. Afterwards Bruce took the title for his now famous song, and the movie title changed to Light Of Day starring Michael J. Fox and Joan Jett.
This story is detailed more in;
Wikipedia - Born in the USA (Song).
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The Words and Music of Bruce Springsteen (page 94)
by Rob Kirkpatrick
Title page and dedication page have backstage passes from the East Rutherford leg of the 1984 Born In The USA tour.
The numbers on the passes coincide with each show as there were 10 shows performed at the Meadowlands stadium and 4 passes in the script.
Each pass has initials BS written on it as she was his personal guest at the shows.
Bruce's signature is also glued to the title page and outlined in black sharpie and appears to have been cut from a pass from another show.
The script is 108 pages long printed on one side and put together by script specialists
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