Rare,original Cap Tally , H.M.S. Alexandra(dot) 1875-1908

Old, 100% original cap tally to H.M.S. Alexandra(dot). A rare tally,length about 44 inches, condition is good but there is one small moth hole away from the ships naming and a number of small pinholes.This had been stored in a barn for several years along with a number of other tallies(more to be listed), only recently coming to light.From what I have read she was the last British battleship to be built carrying her main armament below decks in a central box battery.She was also the first to be launched by a member of the royal family,Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales,later Queen Alexandra.Her seagoing career lasting from 1877 to 1900 mostly as a flagship.It was on this ship that Israel Harding won his VC at Alexandria,Egypt in July 1882.A rare chance to obtain this cap tally ,well over a hundred years old.