original clay sculpture on wood base by kirby j. ramos

this is a one of a kind piece of art, look closley at the detail, "his smile reminds me of some of the elders i see at pow-wows". it is hand sculpted out of cernit a polymere clay and has glass eyes,he is wearing a robe of coyote pelt and he is sitting on a sycamore base and measures 6 3/4 inches from top of head to bottom of base and is 4 inches wide. it is not porcelin or ceramic and is not breakable. he is adorned with human hair with braids and is dressed authenticaly. he is depicted of the comanche tribe and is an elder, oh the storys he could tell...... he is sculpted by texas artist kirby ramos who has won quite a few awards for face detail and originality. this will make a great addition to your native american or western decor. (A point of intrest...... the late great actor Jack Palance owned two of these little pieces of art.......not this one, but others he made, that were bought by a gentelman that lives in California. he gave Jack 2 and Harry Carey 1. Harry played in alot of movies with John Wayne. these pieces are unique in every way he is signed and comes with a letter of authenticity. thanks for looking. kirby