Original Color Art from Warriors of Plasm issue 1 DEFIANT Comics by JayJay

Original Color Art from Warriors of Plasm issue 1 by Janet Jackson, Signed by Jim Shooter This the the original color art from the DEFIANT Warriors of Plasm issue 1, Page 23. Featuring Lorca and some of the heroes from Earth Lt. Mazerov/Shooter and Cookie/Nudge. Signed by Jim Shooter and Janet Jackson. 9 x 13". - Watercolor painted original color art - not color guides
- Would look beautiful framed!
- Great page from one of the hottest DEFIANT Issues drawn by David Lapham
This page is painted mainly with Dr Martins watercolor dyes on a smooth finish watercolor paper mounted to a heavier board. This is the "Valiant coloring method" which Jim Shooter and I developed and it differs dramatically from the way traditional comics were and are colored. We reproduced the black & white inked page onto high-quality watercolor paper and securely mounted it to a heavier board to limit the wrinkling of the paper. The pages were then painted using a variety of media including airbrushing, color pencils, acrylic paint, inks, pasting on photos or reproductions, etc. Many innovative techniques. Dr Martins dyes were used for their brightness and ability to reproduce well. The pages were color separated using a commercial laser scanner, making this type of painted color art the actual original used for printing, unlike more traditional
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