Original Color Slide Bill Grumpy Jenkins Camaro 02 Last Jenkins Slides

One of 5 Jenkins slides I am listing today and these are the last Jenkins slides I have. I own the rights to this image and those rights will transfer to the successful bidder. Red lines do not appear on the actual negative. All of the photos I offer are vintage, meaning they were shot in the period and developed at that time. I do not handle copies or reprints of any kind. Free First Class shipping within the US. I offer only vintage material which means it is from the period and not some current item meant to look old. Beware of the use of the word vintage and ask the seller what that means. . I guarantee everything I offer to be authentic and it is a guarantee you should ask of anyone claiming to sell vintage material. Please do not email me to try to get me to close the auction early. I will not even respond to the question.