Up for bid, is this Very Collectible OLD Porcelain Original CONOCO GASOLINE Sign with the Minute Man Graphic in the center of the sign. Double Sided, Round, and measures 25-1/2 inches across. Very presentable and still displays G-R-R-R-EAT. You just don't find these anymore, most of them have very heavy damage.

One side (front--the first 7 pictures) is nice enough to display, the Minute Man is quite good and the coloring is nice and bright. T is a large size scrape in the porcelain at the bottom across the "SOL" in the word GASOLINE, along with a few other chips in the face of the sign, and several around the edge.

The other side (back--the last 5 pictures) looks o.k., but does have a (looks like) scrape/multiple scratches downward from the "OC" in the word CONOCO, to the "AS" in the word GASOLINE. And, a scrape in the porcelain across the "OLIN" in GASOLINE.

The sign is not dated, but was told by a collector, that these signs were produced from the late 1930s to sometime in the 1960s.

We have submitted several pictures of BOTH front & back of the sign, along with close-ups of each portion of the sign, to give you a good visual as to the appearance and condition of this neat old collectible sign.

The sign is quite heavy and will require special care in packing. Winning bidder to add $25 for

Fantastic Christmas Gift for that hard-to-buy-for Collector .. this would earn you a FEW Brownie Points

THIS CONOCO SIGN IS ACTUALLY FROM THE 1920s... didn't know for sure when listing was uploaded, but have just received information that verified that the Minute Man logo was discontinued in 1929.

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