Car has no engine and one wheel is cracked and the front axel has been replaced in the past. Also the rear box has dried up grease making the wheels tough to turn. However I believe the gunk can be cleaned up. Car can be used for parts or restoration project. Anyone interested in miniature gas- powered race cars is familiar with the name. Possibly the most famous and successful of all model race car manufacturers, the Dooling brothers not only mass-produced seven different race cars of their own design, (I do not know what model)but also developed and marketed one of the finest high-performance miniature racing engines: the Dooling .61.

Tom, Russell, and Harris Dooling began building racers in 1937 for their own pleasure. These early crude, buggy-type creations, powered by model airplane motors, nurtured what would become a thriving business beginning in 1939.

The Doolings' first car, the Mercury Midget, also known as the First Series Front Drive, was produced in 1939. As the nickname implies, the car was a front drive model with cast aluminum frame, grill, and axles. The body was formed of sheet stock with a wood center-section running the length of the tail. The car was over nineteen inches long. This car had the distinction of being the first of the trio of Mercury series cars.

The second car, the Mercury Deluxe,
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