Rare original Draeger 3-bolt diving helmet

You are bidding on an original Draeger 3-bolt helmet which is in quite good condition.

The only damage it has is that the glass on the left side is broken.

The serial number of the helmet is 1308.

It's a solid copper and brass helmet with a total weight of close to 20kg / around 42lbs

Preferred payment method is PayPal or international bank-transfer.

Shipping-costs with insured DHL standard-mail are 125 USD, ground-mail needs around a month to arrive in the USA, shipping by air-mail should take only around 10 days but costs 240 USD.

The helmet was examined by an expert who ensured me that it is not a fake but a real authentic piece.

Unfortunately I cannot say how old it is exactly.

For any questions, just e-mail me.

Much fun while bidding!

P.S.: This is a private auction, please only serious bidders, no return of expenses and no return of the item.