Original Fred Johnson Carnival Banner

Surging up from the dark depths of the deep sea, its eight tentacles seeking, reaching; grabbing for sustenance. What danger lurks beneath the waves? It's the REAL GIANT OCTOPUS! Luridly brought to life on canvas by one of the most celebrated banner painters of all time. Fred Johnson's work appears in numerous publications, such as "Freaks Geeks and Strange Girls" "America's Forgotten Folk Art" and "Freak Show" His work for O'Henry Tent and Awning is well regarded among carnival collectors. At 10x10, this original banner is the ideal addition to any collection. Though t are a few tears (life on the road is rough,) the painting is still vibrant. Truly a rare opportunity to bring a bit of flash into your life! Shipping to be determined after purchase depending upon location of purchaser. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions. Best of luck!