Original German Leib Hussar Regimental Flask Stein 1903

's a unique Regimental German Reservist Flask Stein that I've owned for several years and decided to pass along. I hate to use words like "rare" but if you collect steins you'll notice that this flask is made of glass rather than the more common porcelin ones with the round metal frame. It is also comes from a Leib-Husaren Regiment No.1, 5th Escadrille (Squadron) and is dated 1903-1906. It has both the drinking cup and the inner cap underneath. On the front it has seperately applied brass Leib epaulet, two Garde stars, Hussar Death Head and the owner's initials O and H. On the reverse side it has a window through which can be seen a colorized picture of Kaiser Wilhem in dress uniform. I took numerous photos of this but none of them could really do it justice. My reserve is only to cover what I have in it. I'll ship however you'd like but it must be insured. No charge for handling and packing. Please email any questions you might have and good luck!