Original Gremlin R/C Combat Plane (ARF)

I'm selling my personal model built from the original kit circa 1994, shortly after I retired from the military. It has never been crashed. The Gremlin is a unique looking yet stable plane that flies like it is on rails with the correct CG. More importantly, it is a fun plane to just take out and blast holes in the sky. While not a beginner airplane, it can be flown by anyone who is comfortable with an aileron trainer. It is a great winter "snow" plane since it just gets tossed into the air and doesn't need a clear footstep free section of runway. It needs no setup beyond fueling and can be put back in the car with no need for disassembling. It's a great everyday plane: toss it in the car, get a few flights at lunchtime and then head back to work. The electric option opens many more fields due to the absence of noise without any sacrifice in performance. The Gremlin is even used in pylon racing events and has been used by clubs to familiarize pylon judges with calling for their course on setup days. It might not be the only plane you fly, but it will earn its place when you are packing the car to head to the field. This auction does not include the engine.