ORIGINAL hand painted Halloween table lamp .glass shade

Nancy Magnell is a unique glass artist with a method and technique that is different in many ways compared to the traditional painted glass artists. She has found a way to blend paints to provide a translucent effect similar to stained glass. By combining select paints on prepared (sandblasted) glass she creates a fascinating play of light, subject, color and depth. Up for auction is this original oil painting done on glass...a Halloween scene with warm oranges, reds and browns. winner will assume all shipping costs. Depending on w you are from NY...shipping, including packaging and insurance for this lamp runs around 45.00
ABOUT THE ARTIST..... I have been painting on glass for almost 3 years now, and started painting on canvas about 20 years ago.
My inspiration came from my parents who were Antique dealers and filled our home with beautiful art, including the most incredible lamps that were done by famous artists around the world. This became my newest passion...... and since, have been creating unique pieces of art on glass. I have found that painting on glass is much more fulfilling in ways that painting on canvas is not. By using select paints, I have found a way to create an illuminating effect that has kept me entranced with my work......
I have been selling table lamps, windows, chandeliers..etc. on Ebay and
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