Original: HM King Edward VIII Coronation Medal - Wallis Simpson 1937 Medallion

Guaranteed original. Complete and intact.

For each additional badge purchased within a 7 day period and paid for at the same time, pay just 45p extra in postage costs.

Postage costs are as follows:

UK: £1.95 + 45p for each additional badge.

EUROPE: £2.95 + 45p for each additional badge.

WORLDWIDE: £3.95 + 45p for each additional badge.

We ask you to please understand that Royal Mail has recently upped its prices by an extrotionate amount of nearly 40% we have tried to absorb these price increases at our own expense but have had to pass limited rises on to the buyer, we ask you to please take into account this postage cost before bidding and if you are not happy with the price, please do not b i d . Please also remember that this standard postage cost does include ancillary costs such as: packaging materials, petrol, third party time etc.