Original A.B. Ibrahim Watercolor Painting Well Listed

Original A.B. Ibrahim Watercolor Painting
Well Listed Malaysian Artist
I have up for auction an incredibly well done watercolor painting by A.B. Ibrahim. I bought this painting at a wealthy Minneapolis Estate about a year ago. There were two. I have the other one listed separately. The painting itself measures 15" x 11". The frame is about 19" x 14.5". The painting is in excellent condition. The board it is mounted on has some foxing. The period frame is in very good condition. There is a minor crease in the watercolor upper left corner as shown in photo. There is no date on the painting but has an excellent signature. I believe this is an early work by this prominent artist. Below is some information about the artist.
A.B. Ibrahim was born in Alor Star in 1925. To the best of our knowledge he was the first full-time Malay artist who depended entirely on sale of his paintings as a means of living. He was a self-taught artist from an artistically inclined family. His brothers, Hassan, Kechik (Chik), Ahmad as well Yusuf Bakar produced watercolours of notable quality. One of his daughters, Faridah, is a MARA-trained graphic artist.
He was one of the founder members of Persatuan Pelukis Melayu, Malaya (Society of Malay Artist, Malaya) which was based in Singapore. Other than Ibrahim, the North was also represented
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