This no reserve auction is for an original Lionel 115 City Station in near pristine condition. Lionel manufactured the majestic 115 during the prewar era from 1936 - 1942 and during the postwar era from 1946 - 1949. This one sits in a beautifully labeled box with a 1938 dating reference beneath the manufacturer's certificate.

Judging from the condition of everything about this piece I doubt it has been out of the box too many times. The original red and cream paint shows very few contact marks. It is completely original with no reproduction parts or restoration of any kind. There are not many flaws: a couple of tiny flea bite sized nicks near where the skylight sits and a very small (maybe 1/4") scratch on the edge of the base on a narrow side. We are getting nitpicky here. The envelope is rubber stamped 115 containing the instruction sheet, wires, 2 lockons and fibre pins is still factory sealed. The envelope has a very small cut in the middle on one side and the staples holding it closed show some rust. The No. 40 Frosted 18 Volt Lamps are in their original mini-boxes. The red skylight is still nestled in its original Lionel waxy wrapping paper. Both die-cut protective corrugated cardboard inserts are present. Finally, the cream colored inspection tag with string is present as well. The original box is complete and strong
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