Thisno reserve auction is for an original Lionel 2341 Jersey Central FM Trainmaster diesel engine. Lionel produced the 2341 in 1956 only when it was the motive power for cataloged set 2270W.

This engine is authentic and completely original in every way. It shows signs of limited gentle use. The pickup rollers show almost no wear. There are certain things that must be examined in determining the authenticity of the Lionel #2341 Jersey Central. All the lettering on this Lionel #2341 is heat stamped. The spacing between ‘ Jersey ' and ‘Central' differs from one side to the other. Also, depending on the way the engine was produced, the depth of the heat stamping may vary causing there to appear ‘hook' like mark off some of the letters in “ Jersey ”. The hook on the bottom of the J is particularly common and clearly visible in the photographs. The orange stripe around the locomotive is “scooped” under the head lights. There are two blocked vents in the grill on one side of the 2341 FM's long hood. "Built 4-56 by Lionel" is obviously heat stamped and poorly done, indicative of the authenticity of the original Jersey Centrals. Note the filled in "B" and the filled space between the "N" and "E". On this #2341, the "BLT 4-56 by Lionel" is off-centered to back of the engine. Also, note the fuzzy area between the blue and orange stripe.
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