This no reserve auction is for a vintage and rare Lionel 983 Farm Set in its original box. Lionel only produced this piece in 1960 - 1961. According to Greenberg's Guide to Lionel Trains, 1945 - 1969, Volume VI: Accessories by Alan Stewart, the 982 Farm Set came with 7 pieces, including a multi-piece barn, windmill, colonial-style house, horse, cows, and automobile in a Type II box with an undated 983-10 instruction sheet.

The primary value for this rare accessory is the oversized fragile box with Lionel markings. The contents are very common parts manufactured under the Plasticville name by Bachman Brothers and are readily available very cheaply today. This particular package looks to be complete with the exception of a couple of pine trees. One leg of the windmill structure is broken and glued into the base. The windmill can still be constructed and will stand as intended. This box was held closed by small strips of tape at one point and there is some tape residue present. There is some typical corner stress and tape reinforcement on the inside. No instruction sheet. Please see the photos for additional descriptive detail. Please also check out my other listings for Plasticville items in Lionel boxes including a 967 Post Office Set and 982 Suburban Split Level Set that ends within a few minutes of this auction.

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