This no reserve auction is for an original tub of 50 Lionel Unbreakable Pocket Combs. These combs come in the original clear plastic bag with twist tie. Talk about bizarre. What were Lionel executives thinking? Not sure when they were made but they are pretty neat. Starting bid at only 50 cents/comb. Please see the photos for additional descriptive detail.

If you have to own one of everything Lionel ever made then you will want to add this quirky item to your collection!

Buyer pays $8.50 for S&H. Please note that I gladly refund excess postage of $1.00 or more.

In addition to thinning out my own collection I have just been given a fairly large collection of high grade prewar and postwar items on consignment that I will be posting over the next few months. I have also received about 40-50 set boxes on consignment and will be listing them as well. If you would be interested in selling or consigning all or pieces of your collection please feel free to contact me to discuss.

I have been a member of the TCA for more than 20 years so you can . I am in the process of thinning out a lifetime train collection that started in the early 1970’s. It includes many rare and unusual items most of which are very high quality in original packaging. Some examples are a boxed 460P Piggyback Platform, boxed 335
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