Original Ltd Ed Blockprint of Barbican Gate Peking China by Katharine Jowett

A Very Rare Original Colour Wood Block Print by the esteemed artist Katharine Jowett depicting the' The Barbican Gate 'in (as it once was know) Peking.
This print also comes with the original photograph of the camel train used as a reference when painting the original watercolour.
On the back of the photograph is written 'Camel train Peking'
This is a Limited Edition Wood Block Print this is number 98 out of a 100.
The print is inscribed to the lower edge 'The Barbican Gate'' and signed Katherine Jowett.
The print is on strong quality artist card and the Mount is glued on to it.
The condition of the print is very good but there is generalised foxing. However the quality of the artist card used is so good the foxing could be easily removed- please see the photographs.
The colours are still vibrant. The subject matter evokes feelings of a long ago past, there is a simplicity to the style and subject matter
Katharine Jowett was painting in the Peking/ Beijing area during the late 1920's and early 1930's.
Her painting and prints were very very popular amongst the upper class Chinese and the Western population.
Chairman Mao himself had a set of prints in his office.
The style that Jowett painted in is almost impressionistic in style.
Dimensions without the mount is
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