Original MASONS Compaions Jewel of the Royal Arch The Seal of Soloman Masonic

MASONIC JEWELGenuine Masons Compaions Jewel, small signs of wear, white ribbon which is a little dirty. Jewel in good condition. ABOUT JEWEL The Companion's Jewel of the Royal Arch is a double triangle, sometimes known as the Seal of Solomon, within a circle of gold; at the bottom is a scroll bearing the words, Nil nisi clavis deest - "Nothing is wanting but the Key;" and on the circle appears the legend, Si talia jungere possis sit tibi scire satis - "If thou canst comprehend these things, thou knowest enough." On the triangle is inscribed EYPHKAMEN (Eurekamen) - invenimus cultor dei civis mundi - "We have found the worship of God, O citizen of the world." On the reverse of the circle are engraven the words, Deo, regi, et fratribus; honor, fidelitas, benevolentia - "For God, king and the brethren; honour, fidelity and benevolence;" and on the reverse of the triangles, Wisdom, Strength, Beauty, Peace, Concord, Truth . If you need any more details please contact me. Check out my other items !

Genuine Mason's Jewel in used condition. If you need any more details feel free to contact me. I get proof of posting for all items and I'm flexible on posting so if you would like first class, recorded, airmail, surface mail, or insured you only need to ask. I guarantee no over the top charges to any bidders overseas or in the UK, any doubts

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