Original mixed media painting , signed Marc Chagall with COA and Registration

Marc Chagall's artistic oeuvre is proof of a great pleasure in telling stories in poetic images in beautiful colors, creating an own timeless and poetic world. Chagall's main source of inspiration is Russia's rich stock of folk art, Jewish mysticism and legends. He combines all this with dream visions. Certain motifs and metaphors are recurring, such as the loving couple, the cock or the Jewish figure Schtetl.
The figures in his paintings are alive with movement and expression, making music and walking as if dancing. Chagall's vision of humble village life transcends the poor conditions, suffering, and death. Acrobats and circus folk line the street and village town-scape, as well as a scampering black cat. Folklore, fantasy, circus, and animals populate Chagall's paintings for the next seventy years.
Chagall's work does not fit neatly into the history of art, but well into a history of original thinking and fantasy art. He was not interested in the writings of Freud, but his work was dreamlike and appeared to be inspired by an imaginative unconscious. Dream and fantastic imagery was at Chagall's fingertips. Quoting Francois Le Targat in his introduction in his book on Chagall, 'We must rediscover the soul of our childhood and give ourselves up to simply marveling; for his work is imbued with the marvelous' Is not 'marvelous'
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