Original Morse no. 15 Shallow Water Diving Helmet with weights

Here's the story - I bought this divinghelmet from a local picker who found it at a scrap yard in Savannah, Georgia, acouple of years ago. I tried to sell it to the good folks over at Land and Sea nautical antiques, but since it is not in pristine condition they opted to pass on it. They did give me some great information that, since you are looking at this, you probably already know. This is a very rare Morse no. 15 shallow water diving helmet. These helmets were made from the late 1930s to the early 1950s and were used largely for servicing the underside of ships. This one looks like it spent decades in the service of the Port of Savannah. The serial number is stamped on the upper side of the lens plate which should indicate exact age (see photo).

In nice condition these sell between $4000 to $5000. This one has some condition issues so I will start the bidding well below retail. Here are the problems:

1) Two screws are missing from the lens plate.

2) The top handle has been replaced with a thick gauge wire. The patina on the wire matches the helmet so I assume this was done a long time ago when it was still in service.

3) The lower skirts seem to have bent inward making it hard for a guy with a 44" chest (me) to put on. I believe this can be bent back into shape.

4) There is some compression
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