ORIGINAL Mt. Regan Silver Print Photo Edward S CURTIS!!

Photo Id'd on back of Mt. Regan signed by Curtis. I believe based on the signature that this is the work of Edward S. Curtis when he lived in Seattle. I have an orotone photo of a native american indian that has the same stylized signature. Edward also had a VERY acomplished brother Asahel Curtis that also was located in Seattle. This might also be by him, although I really do feel based on the signature style it is Edward. T is an odd spot in sky that is the mounting glue from behind creating a high spot that has some wear. It is NOT cracked or torn as it appears in the pics. Mount Regan is a mountain on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada, located 32 km (20 mi) west of Courtenay and 1 km (1 mi) north of Mount Albert Edward. It is associated with the Vancouver Island Ranges, the southernmost extant of the Insular Mountains. Edward Curtis was born near Whitewater, Wisconsin. Curtis' father, Rev. Johnson Asahel Curtis (1840-1887), was a minister and a American Civil War veteran. Rev. Curtis was born in Ohio. Rev. Curtis' father was born in Canada, and his mother in Vermont. Edward's mother, Ellen Sheriff (1844-1912), was born in Pennsylvania; and both her parents were born in England. Curtis' siblings were Raphael Curtis (1862-c1885), who also was called Ray Curtis; Eva Curtis (1870-?); and Asahel Curtis (1875-1941). In 188 ... read more