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| Acid Rain

Imagine this painting on a wall in YOUR home. This EXCEPTIONAL piece of art will undoubtedly compliment the rest of the room with its' CAPTIVATING depth and perspective.

BUY FROM A PROFESSIONAL TODAY 100% Original Unique High Quality FOR DIMENSIONAL PURPOSES ONLY full Subject Abstract Size 24" x 20" (Landscape) Style Oil Painting On Canvas Artist Wilkinson New Unframed Unstretched Bid NOW £26.99 save this seller's shop “ This will form the centre piece of your room drawing comments and envy from your guests ” CHECK OUT SIMILAR ITEMS : Go to eBay Shop for MORE paintings! Emerald Forgotten 24" x 20" Oil Cryptic Scroll 24" x 20" Oil First Dimension 24" x 20" Oil Wild Waters 30" x 20" Oil Floral Scent 30" x 20" Oil Swirling Sky 24" x 20" Oil African Lions 24" x 20" Oil Dusktime Harbour 24" x 20" Oil Madame de L'Cost 10" x 8" Oil See more art save this shop


| Welcome to my gallery. I used to run my own gallery in Wiltshire (UK) for a number of years but as I split-up with my partner and closed the shop I am selling my paintings on eBay. My feedback, so far, exemplifies the INTEGRITY and determination I have in delivering ABSOLUTE QUALITY with every single item purchased - my delivery time
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