Original Oil Painting Roses for You! 16" Julia Lu

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Original Expressive Impressionist Oil Painting

By Julia Lu (2011)

Oil on Stretched Canvas, 12 x 16 X 3/4"

One of a kind

Painted entirely with a palette knife, this painting is full of

Julia's signature knife marks -----

expressive, elegant and efficient

Julia is a member of OIL Painters of America

Artist Note: I Flowers have never stopped fascinating me,

with their intriguing shapes, vivid colors, and stunning beauty.

When I pick up my palette knife, I can hear them singing and see them dancing.

Artist Note

My friends have described my work as painting from another dimension.

What does exactly it mean?

To me, Another Dimension is the dimension I am in when I am dreaming or in trance,

When I am not confined by this 3D physical space,

When I am totally free of trivial things or daily stress or ego or fear,

When my brain is supercharged and set on the fontal lobes mode,

When my perception is crystal clear, when I can see the image in my head.

Painting From Another Dimension means painting the images from my dream,

in my head, spontaneously,
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