ORIGINAL Oil Painting Signed ROSSY Flowers in a Vase QUALITY FRAME fine DETAIL

Hand painted with such detail -Oil Painting of Flowers in a Vase- Signed Rossy original artist

Professional beautiful Solid Wood Framed oil painting of blues, greens,white with touch of pink/rose colored flowers in a light powder blue vase on a table with a soft blue/touch of pink and green colored backdrop. Frame is gold and green in color and is in great shape frame is done professional and frame itself is very expensive SOLID WOOD with dark gold and green . The painting is oil and is signed by the artist ROSSY. The painting is in excellent condition with no fading, no cracking no tears or scratches. JUST A BEAUTIFUL PAINTING! Beautiful blues and also has some Greens in it. I wanted so bad to keep it however will not go in any of my rooms its a breath taking very elegant yet soft. The pictures do not justify the beauty of this painting trust me when I say its breath taking! Light powder Blue is the domainating color with greens there is only a small touch of the pink/rose just enough with beautiful white flowers accenting the painting.

Painting itself measures 16" x 20" Painting and frame in entire measures 22 1/2" x 26 1/2"

No worries....I am experienced in shipping paintings and have had no damage to any painting that I have sold & shipped!