Original Oil Painting Signed L. Sun / Stone Bridge

This beautiful original oil painting appears to be signed L. Sun.

It is a calm summer scene with a stone bridge over still water. The trees on the shore line are full of many different shades of greens and browns, with splashes of white throughout.

The water has summer foliage on both sides that flow right into the stone bridge and water.

You can see the reflection of part of the stone bridge on the water and it appears to be going right into the water, you can also see the reflections of the foliage on the water.

You can almost smell the fresh summer air and feel the light summer breeze. It reminds you of the perfect summer day.

In the distance you can see the beautiful landscape with trees and clouds.

The age of the painting is not known as it was purchased at an Estate Sale.

The frame has a carved look it measures 3", and surrounding the painting is a 3/4" beige inner frame.

The painting measures 17" wide by 15 1/2" high.

The painting is in very good condition, however t are a few marks on the frame.

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