Original P38 Police/Military Leather Holster Circa 1960

A Original P38 Police/Military Leather Holster Circa 1960
For auction is a P38 Original Leather Holster. Many P38 Holsters have P38 stamped on them this does not. I am certain it is a P38 holster as I have had many in my possession over the years. The P38 was the Germans replacement for the very famous Luger 08. The P38 was actually far more used in World war 2 than the Luger and was the weapon of choice of the Wehrmacht. After World War 2 it was the weapon used by a lot of East European Police forces. Military holsters tend to be brown. Police holsters tend to be black although there were exceptions. So I recomend you presume this is a police holster. I personally believe that this was issued and produced in 1961. I believe this due to the stamp on the inside of the holster stating HBC 61. If anyone knows what HBC stands for I will publish any information through the question section for buyers to assess and draw their own conclusions.
Excellent condition. Minor wear and tear. Some light oxidisation where metal meets leather very easy to clean. This item has been well looked after. All clips and catches are in tact and in good condition. The draw string to tie the holster to your leg is strong and undamaged. For a P38 Holster this has very few markings I would normally expect a couple more stamps.
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