Original President Richard Nixon Candle from 1968-70

This is a large candle of the head of former president Richard M Nixon. The candle was produced around 1968-1970 and has never been lit and is very good shape. t are are a couple of indents on his nose (looks like teeth marks) and some scrapes in the wax and some other marks. But nothing that detracts too much from the appearance. The candle is fairly heavy (approx 3 lbs), has a nice smooth texture and appears to be hand painted wax from his red-white-blue bow tie up to his white teeth, dark eyebrows and hair. The dimensions of the candle are 8" high, 5" wide and 6" long from the back of his head to the tip of his nose. I have not seen any other candle like this on eBay. It is 100% authentic and original, and is pretty humorous too look at. I do not know the manufacturer, but if you have questions, send an e-mail.