Original Print Russia Royalty Ivan VI and Peter III

Original Russian Lithograph. By Burov. Printed in 1913. Imperator Peter III visited Ivan Antonovich in Fortress of Shlisselburg (1762). Ivan VI Antonovich of Russia (1740 - 1764), was proclaimed Emperor of Russia in 1740, when he was newborn child, within less then a year he was overthrown by Elisabeth. And Ivan were imprisoned in the Fortress of Shliisselburg. On the accession of Peter III (1762) the condition of the unfortunate prisoner seemed about to improve, for the new visited and sympathized with him , but Peter himself lost power a few weeks later. Ivan VI spent the rest of his life as prisoner and was killed by his guards in an escape attempt. Measurements are 8inch x 11inch. Image size 7.5 inch X 6inch. Excellent Condition. Very Good for Framing. See picture.