Original Print Tectured Acrylic Reflections Lee Teter Signed Framed Large Matted

BY: Lee Teter, 1988
This is truly a amazing piece of Art depicting the emotion of the American Soldier, portraying the sacrifice and the true heartfelt realism behind honor and the loss that goes with it. Exhibiting the bravery, camaraderie, and sacrifice that only a soldier would know. "REFLECTIONS" has the ability to strike a cord in your heart. The emotion it brings alive is nothing words can express.
This is a very RARE and unique Acrylic Print of the Original Painting. It is signed by the artist - Lee Teter, Surrounded by a Green Masonry/Similar Matte, and placed in a Solid Surround Oak Frame. It weighs a little under 10 pounds, Measures with the Frame 31 1/2" Wide x 26" Tall, and the painting it self is 25 1/2 Wide x 19" Tall
The print is saturated and set in in a heavy piece of (I believe to be) masonry board. cold be copper, hand painted to finish and permanently set in a glaze to preserve it. There is nothing on the back, but the hollow frame, and wire to hang it.
If you have any questions please contact me and Thank You for looking!!
**The shipping with economy shipping, to wrap and ship this 10 pound frame will be around 60.00, that is not a inflated number to make money**