This high quality original by international dollmaker and sculptress, Rosemary Volpi, was one of her early Santas. His exquisite and kindly face, accented by wool beard, mustache and eyebrows contributes to its timeless quality.

He stands 20" tall. Slightly hunched in his long, simple red wool coat and hood, he holds a long wood staff. Placed around his hood is a green wreath. He also wears green wool gloves and tan suede boots. A 6" high wicker basket is tied to his back.

His body structure is soft-sculpted muslin, expertly sewn. He stands on a rough-hewn wood base. He is in excellent condition, with only a few small frayed areas on his coat that may have been insect eaten, but are not holes through the fabric. The only one that is noticeable without looking hard is one on the back of his hood. Other than that, t are no other flaws.

This is is NOT a market doll by Richard Simmons or Goebl. It is a true original, hand painted, sewn and constructed by the artist. He was purchased in the early 80's

Her work is displayed in various doll museums. She makes a yearly Santa doll for the Toy and Miniature Museum in Kansas City and has been featured in many magazines.