Original Slide - Northern Pacific NP BN 923 ALCO S-4 at Duluth MN August 1970

Original Kodachrome Slide
NOTE: please see shipping revision effective 2-14-16


Up for bid is a single, original 35mm Kodachrome slide. Each image is shown below using a low-resolution scan that does not reflect true quality of the slide. All slides are well-exposed and the sharpness can be determined from the scan. Also, if the slides have any scratches, they can be seen in the scans as well. The other specs/lines are small dust particles or lint. Please feel free to email with any specific questions. Also, I am sorry, but I do not sell prints or scans (of any resolution) of the slides.

NOTE REGARDING COPYRIGHT/ IMAGE USE: Any slides taken by myself and/or by Frank Novak are released to you to do as you wish. The only condition is to give proper credit to the photographer. For slides taken by other photographers, use the following guideline:

"As pertains to images / slides taken by any other photographer and offered for sale by Seller, Seller makes no representation as to the copyright status of the image / slide sold or otherwise transferred to Buyer, but it is noted that a copyright may exist solely by operation of law and that therefore Buyer is advised to contact the named photographer of the image prior to copying or re-copying or making other use of said image / slide." - (A thanks
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