Original Slides - CP 5504 Action by River Donald BC '70

NEW! - this weeks auctions as a SLIDESHOW!


Up for bid is a single, original 35mm Kodachrome slide. Each image is shown below using a low-resolution scan that does not reflect true quality of the slide. All slides are well-exposed and the sharpness can be determined from the scan. Also, if the slides have any scratches, they can be seen in the scans as well. The other specs/lines are small dust particles or lint. Please feel free to email with any specific questions. Also, I am sorry, but I do not sell prints or scans (of any resolution) of the slides.


Shipping is now FREE for US addresses (First-class mail ONLY)! Priority and Express Mail are available for the fee listed. I will also ship to foreign countries for $1.50 for standard shipping in an envelope.

For orders under $100, slides are sent in an envelope with trifold cardstock and the slide is protected in either a coin envelope or clear plastic sleeves. For orders over $100, slides are sent in padded envelopes between cardboard. IMPORTANT! If you want your slide packed any other way, please choose "Priority Mail" or "Express Mail" for shipping....if not...your order is going to be sent as described above.

I send a confirmation email when your order is shipped. If you do not receive your item
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