Original Stretch Armstrong Stretch Serpent Head

Here I have a original stretch serpent head I remember stretching & busting the body then just throwing the head in a box. I have heard that the whole stretch serpent can sell for as high as $4,000 that's incredible I wish I would've know that earlier and I wouldn't have been so careless. But the reason I am selling it is that I was flipping through the channels and saw it on a show called pawn stars & it sold for $500!!!!! I couldn't believe that just the head from old toy was worth that much when my parents didn't even spend that much for the whole toy. So I am selling it today hopefully I can get just as much. But I highly doubt it :P, that show is probably staged.
It is in good condition with no scratches, cuts, or stains.

*NOTE* Once Item Reaches A Certain Price Listing Will Cancel And Automatically Sell To The Highest Bidder. So Serious Bidders Only Please.