Original Survivor Pearl Island Buff, Season 7 Logo Card


Survivor Pearl Islands Black (Merge) Season 7 Buff w/Card! Description

Not to be confused with the later-issued "Collectors Edition" buff produced for a commemorative set sold for several years by CBS beginning in late 2004/early 2005, offered is an authentic, original issue that was only available via CBS DURING the airing of Season 7's Pearl Islands Survivor series in fall of 2003. This special buff is accompanied by the original display board (with Survivor Pearl Islands logo) and does not have the "Collectors Edition" branding that is applied (under bottom logo) to all later-issued Pearl Islands black buffs from the commemorative package. Since SURVIVOR'S inaugural season in the summer of 2000, the BUFF has served as the official "uniform" for the show's contestants. Just as Survivor's location, contestants and tribes have changed with each season, so to have the corresponding BUFF's colors and accompanying Survivor logos they display. The serialized, season-specific logos and eye-catching colors have spawned legions of collectors who seek to acquire these special garments for their association with the show as well as their aesthetic appeal, displayability and functionality. The Buff is a multi-purpose garment which can be worn on the head, limbs or torso and is mandatorily worn by all Survivor

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