Wonderful set of 4 matching stacks of early tiger oak Globe Wernicke barrister bookcases. I recently bought these from a friend of mine (at considerable time and expense). I would date them to the very early 1900's. They were part of the estate of a local county judge, and used to be in a local courthouse. While it is possible to complete a set such as this, individually, to do so would be a daunting, and costly task.

Each unit is marked across the top cross member with the early Globe Wernicke label, and not the paper label on the back, as is the case with later models. All 4 stacks have the highly desirable ogee tops and bases. All have E bases, and one E unit at the bottom. The rest are D units. 3 of the units are the standard 34 inches in width, the remaining is approx. 28 and 1/2 inches across. The narrower stack is quite rare, and I give you my word that it was manufactured at that size, and has not been cut down by anyone outside the factory.

The narrow stack was found in a small walkway between two larger rooms, and was painted green at one time. It would be a lot easier to remove that paint, than it would be to find another unit of that rare size. You may notice that the narrow stack has one missing. That section will be included with the set. Furthermore, I have done little so far, to clean the stacks.
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