original Time Magazine May 21, 1945 Emperor Hirohito WWII complete

Wow i was lucky to find these at a estate auction and i will pass these great pieces of world history along to you and your family. This is back when Time was a weekly news magazine.The ads are the best everthing From Chevrolet to Campbells Soup to Camel Cigarettes. Everyone was behind this war effort, It was inpressive. Full of info from the war. Ive got several of these important pieces of history up for auction. Please check them all out. All have the address stamp of Lt. G.C. Jackson 1480 High St. Denver Colorado. This one is Emperor Hirohito of Japan, May 22nd 1945. One of the most famous cover behind the Hilter red X cover. Overall this mag is in great condition. please check out all the pictures and judge yourself. Thank you and God Bless.