Original Topper Dancing Dawn Doll - Vintage 1970

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General Information:

I am the original owner of this item. Although gently used, Dawn has been well taken care of and is in clean, very good condition. Exceptions are noted, so you won’t get any disappointing surprises. I’m not a collector, but I did some research, so hopefully I have answered any questions you may have about the condition of this item. If not, please feel free to email me. Happy Bidding!

Item Description:

Dancing Dawn – This beauty is one of the original Dawn Dolls produced by Topper from 1970 to 1973. Dancing Dawn was released in the third group of dolls to hit the market during the height of the disco era. She is wearing her original halter dress (the green version) with matching stockings (frayed at the top), green shoes (the soft plastic kind with bows) and panties.

Her head is stamped “H 11 A” and it says Topper Corp 1970 Hong Kong on her backside.

Condition - Very Good

Body – No blue spots anyw! No oozing glue; no rips or tears

Movement – Right knee bends, clicks and holds both positions, but the left knee only bends; hips are free-moving; waist swivels freely; the dancing mechanism still works perfectly!

Hair – Hair is still sleek and smooth and shiny

Face – Clean, makeup is
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