Up for auction is this GREAT ORIGINAL U.S.VIETNAM WAR MAP . At top right-hand corner it has TRUNG PHAN. Map has handwritten names in boxes with red-marker:Bong Song, DoXa, Mang, Cahn, Dak Akoi, Dak Brung, Chut Moch, Chu Prong, Dak Payau and Chu Pong. Also in bold lettering (looks like it was typed) are names of towns, cities & areas in arrow-like boxes: Kon Tum, Dak Sut, Dak Pek, Nang Buk, Plateau Gi, Plei Me, Pleiku, Dak To, Mang Yang Pass,Le Trung to name a few. Map has been pieced & taped together (original) from maybe 6 maps?, also borders have been cut off. T are no ripes, tears or holes. If you hold it up to a light, you can read w it is over-lapped: "MUONG MAY, LAOS; VIETNAM; CAMBODIA", "10-64 Printed by Army Map Services, Corps of.."(can't make out the rest) at the top part of map and "BEN GIANG, VIETNAM, LAOS" at the bottom part. This would still make a great wall hanger! Map has been stored folded so will ship folded. Measures approx. 23" wide x 39" long. This great item came from an estate auction of Colonel Archie Hyle in Manhattan, KS a couple of years ago, I believe this was his map. I'll be listing other military maps from Col. Hyle's auction, so keep checking back. This is TRULY A GREAT VIETNAM ITEM!!!!

Please ask questions BEFORE bidding!

Item is described to the best of my knowledge.

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