Original VF-111 Sun Downers Squadron Doctrine Handbook

VF-111 Sun Downers Squadron Doctrine Handbook Handbook: 10 ½ x 8 inches and has ~ 160 pagers. Handbook is designated VF-111 INST 3710.1 and Titled “Squadron Doctrine, Sun Downers Fighter Squadron One Hundred Eleven.” Handbook is dated 8 Dec 1959, Handbook is in very good condition but has written in ink on the cover – “Declassified – Ch 1 to VF-11 Inst 03710.1 30 January, 1960” and has #17 written in the upper Right hand corner. The Confidential Classification has been crossed out and also highlighted in purple. Also page 3-31 has had the upper ½ of the page removed. Handbook was originally stapled and in a three hole binder. Document is currently unbound.

Table of Contents:

Section I General

Section II Standard Operating Procedures

Section III VF-111 Tactical Doctrine

Section IV Safety Doctrine (Survival)

Fighter Squadron 111 (VF-111) , also known as the Sundowners , was the designation held by two U.S. Navy fighter squadrons from 1942 to 1995. The first squadron, initially designated VF-11, served as an active Pacific Fleet Fighter Squadron until its disestablishment in 1959. At that time, another squadron then assumed the designation until its disestablishment in 1995. In November 2006, VFC-13 Detachment Key West was redesignated as VFC-111 , taking on the 'Sundowner' insignia
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