Original Victorian 17th Lancers British Cavalry Shabrack embellishment.

This is the embellishment (design) from a Shabrack, a type of Saddlecloth worn by light cavalry, and it is a Victorian one belonging to the 17th Lancers. It is very heavy and thick, with heavy material and embroidery, featuring a silvered skull and crossbones design, the death's head of the 17th, and silvered lances, above which is a Victorian crown in sequined silver and gilt. We bought it many years ago and had it framed professionally, in the dark blue and white of the 17th Lancers, and the frame measures twenty inches across by twenty two inches high. The skull itself is larger than an apple, and we have included one in the picture for a size comparison. There has been some wear and repair to the cloth backing due to age, and the original Hessian reverse is still in place. This is an extremely rare and guaranteed original item. We also still have the original auction receipt if you require it. Please ask with any questions.